A favourite for Canadian hockey fans & duffers is

Save Me From McJesus

Also enjoy Canada-Give a Cheer!

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Enjoy songs about Canada including:

Canada Awaits - For skiers, canoeists, pond hockey players, hikers

Canada-Give a Cheer - For every Canadian enjoying a little humour

Save Me From McJesus - Celebrating Canadian hockey! Duffers & Oilers fans will enjoy this one!

Winnipeg to Onanole - No life and music like it

Calgary - Yahoo! You will recognize the imagery and people if you visited or live there

Island Home in the Salish Sea - For cyclists familiar with the ride from Victoria to Sidney

Saskatchewan to Peggy's Cove - For all those hard-working folks that put food on our table

Mitch the Motorman - About a real oilpatch guy named Mitch in Alberta

A Viking Tale - for the many descendants of the Vikings settling in Scotland, Iceland & Canada

Riding to the Sea - for cyclists & songwriters

Yours Forever - A wedding song for cyclists

One Together - A song to share with those close to you

Close Your Eyes and Think Again - For those that have made the drive from Golden, BC to Calgary

Nick is Coming (A Christmas Song)

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Happy Canada Day! A media release for celebrating Canada Day!